Mount Gambier Saleyard Upgrades officially open

PRIMARY Industries and Regional Development Minister, Hon David Basham officially opening the Mount Gambier and District Saleyard Ramp Redevelopment Project on Wednesday, November 24.

Mr Basham thanked all the staff who had put in countless hours to complete the works.
“This is an amazing facility to have these two amazing ramps here,” he said.
“As someone who has loaded many cattle onto trucks over the years, it’s not something that is always easy if your facilities aren’t great. To see these wonderful new ramps here and how much of an ease that must be to get the cattle on and off trucks, is great to see.”
The $965,000 project was jointly funded by the South Australian Government’s Regional Growth Fund ($385,000) and the District Council of Grant.
The new ramps are set to increase efficiencies and productivity when loading and unloading cattle.
In particular, the Proway ramps, will enhance animal husbandry practices leading to increased driver and animal welfare.
District Council of Grant Chief Executive, Darryl Whicker thanked saleyards manager, David Wallace and his team for their support.
“We are nothing without our staff. Without their devoted time and commitment, we wouldn’t be opening this wonderful facility,” he said.
“A project like this is a complete council effort.”
Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of Victoria Inc (LRTAV) representative, Mick Debenham played an integral role in the redevelopment of the saleyards over the years and congratulated the council, State Government and all involved in bringing the project to fruition.
“The livestock transport industry came here some years ago out of concerns some of our drivers had and it’s been a long journey, but what we see here today is a result of working together as a team to get an outcome that works for everybody,” Mr Debenham said.
“The outcome is fantastic and this saleyard – I’d be happy to be corrected – but I would say is by far the best equipped saleyard in eastern Australia.”
A new NBN tower is set to be erected before the end of the year which will service the yards directly and allow management to take the next steps towards digitizing livestock sales.
The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association was represented at the opening by several LRTAV members who inspected the new ramps and PAL frames following the formalities.
Although a few functionality issues were found – which have been raised with management – all agreed the new facilities would improve safety and ease pressures for drivers and animals. 

*** In Picture Above:  DISTRICT Council of Grant councillor and Mount Gambier and District Saleyards Strategy Committee member, Barry Kuhl, CEO Darryl Whicker, Hon David Basham MP, and mayor Richard Sage at the official opening on Wednesday.